Web Design

We believe that every website should be a work of art, and should accurately reflect your business. That is why every website we create has features that are considered options in other services.


Responsive Design

Over 60% of all web traffic comes from mobile devices. And mobile devices come in all shapes and sizes. We don’t build you a desktop website and a separate mobile website. We build you one website that works perfectly on any device, of any size.


  • Desktop Optimized
  • Tablet Optimized
  • Smartphone Optimized

Search Engine Friendly

Having a website that can be read by search engines is an absolute requirement. That’s why every website we build uses modern coding standards that make it easy for search engines to find and index your site.


  • XML Sitemaps
  • Super Fast Server
  • Automatic Optimization


Yours, and yours alone

With the rise of do it yourself services, customers are becoming aware that within the terms and conditions, that anything they do doesn’t belong to them, but to the service, and they can’t move their site to another provider. Know that with a site designed by Capstone, the site belongs to you and you alone, and that you can take your site anywhere should you choose.

Site Packages

No matter what kind of business you have, we can help with your website. We have specialized site packages with unique features for many business types.

Service Providers

We got our start by providing creative services for service providers. Our unique experience allows us to give your website a unique advantage that only we can provide. Our unique optional add on creates an order form that adapts as the customer enters their information.


Selling things online should be easy for you and your customer. We build equally beautiful and powerful e-stores that let you sell and manage your products online. We handle the special configuration required so that you can take payments online instantly.


We create beautiful restaurant websites that integrate with OpenTable™ that increase visibility on search engine, and give your paper menus a run for their money.


Everyone can create a blog. Not everyone can create a high quality blog that automatically shares your posts to social networks and integrates with them to increase reader interaction.


Websites are often the place where a customer spends the most time learning and interacting with a company. We make sure that experience is special.

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Additional Services

Sometimes your site needs that extra touch to really make it yours. We offer additional services to meet your specific needs, no matter what they are.

Being able to send and receive emails from your business address helps maintain an advantage over those who use gmail, yahoo, or other email providers. We can integrate your business email to work seamlessly with Gmail and get you emailing easier.
With our SEO Reporting service, we maintain keyword research and make recommendations to help get you higher ranked on search engines. We will provide monthly website traffic reports and ranking results to see how your business visibility is improving!
Ever wonder what that little lock icon is in your browser bar? That’s a notification that you’re using a site that uses Secure Socket Layer protocol to transfer your information for extra security. If you have a site that gathers sensitive information such as addresses or names, you absolutely need to have a site with SSL. E-Commerce sites come with SSL already as most major payment providers require SSL configuration.
Creative Forms is a unique service offered by Capstone. We create forms that use logic to determine if fields needs to be filled out, shown, or hidden, and adapt based on what they enter. These abilities make a complicated process easier for a customer.

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